As the immigration battle rages on, Jmore‘s columnists, bloggers and staff members have sounded off on the topic. Read their thoughts on chain migration, “zero tolerance” and more.


Trump’s Latest Agitprop Threatens All of Us — We should all feel threatened, psychologically if not physically, since we are all descended from people who came here from somewhere else.

Trump’s ‘Public Charge’ Rule for Immigrants is a Cruel Proposal — Closing America’s doors to the “tired” and “poor” yearning for freedom is at the heart of the new reported proposal by the Trump administration. The proposal would make it more difficult for immigrants to come to this country, or obtain visas or green cards, if they or members of their household have ever used public welfare programs.

Fighting for the Soul of America — We have been the stranger, the other, the alien, seeking — sometimes begging — desperately that someone take us in and save us from the very worst that one group of humans can do to another. We cannot allow others to be treated as we once were.

Jewish Studies Professor Asks: Does Torah Trump Hate? —  As Jews, we must not only step into the moral breach; we should also understand the urgency of doing so in light of Jewish religious ethics.

Elijah Cummings and the Power of Prayer — We’ve seen some of the pictures, and we’ve heard some of the audio, and if it doesn’t move you, then you need to listen to some of Cummings’ other words.

Echoes of the Past for My Mother — A Holocaust survivor writes that in this current situation, she hears echoes of the Nazi concentration camps.

Lies and Blasphemy Prop Up America’s New Immigration Policies — Many of us, watching the systematic separation of sobbing children from their distraught parents, are asking a simple question today: Is this still our beloved country?

Kamenetz Understood the Need for Building Bridges, Not Walls — Kevin Kamenetz had an overall philosophy of inclusion, of understanding the great overlap in modern American life, and the need to build bridges instead of walls.

Embracing the Immigrant — Are we forgetting that all immigrants have a right to the same treatment? Does the immigrant with a different religion or a different skin tone deserve different justice?

Failing to Learn From the Past — Donald Trump says we need a ban that looks dangerously like a religious restriction.

Reaching Out to ‘The Other’ Among Us — Some people think the never-ending American immigration debate is mainly about the so-called dreamers, the undocumented, illegal aliens who slipped into America as babies, the ones President Donald Trump would deport to countries they’ve never known.

How ‘Chain Migration’ Led to the Creation of America’s Melting Pot — During the past year, there’s been a lot of talk about “chain migration” coming out of Washington, D.C., in the national conversation about immigration. Much of this talk has been distinctly negative. But where would we be without chain migration?

Both Sides of the Fence on Immigration — Immigration is a major issue facing our country that should not be politicized. We are dealing with human beings who have taken many risks to enter our country.

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

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HIAS, Immigrant Aid Group Vilified by Pittsburgh Gunman, Vows to Not Back Down — “It’s not going to affect our mission one iota,” HIAS President and CEO Mark Hetfield told JTA Oct. 28, regarding the shooting. “If anything, it’s reinforced the need for the Jewish community to be a welcoming community.”

Coming to America — Five Jewish Baltimoreans share their immigration stories.

Advocates and Others Gather to Discuss Immigrants’ Rights — About 50 people gathered in the Stevenson residence of Rabbis Nina Beth Cardin and Avram Reisner on Nov. 19 to learn more about the state of immigration locally and across the U.S.

Protesters Voice Opposition to Proposed Refugee Ban — “City of Immigrants” was organized and hosted by former Baltimore Sun reporter and “The Wire” creator David Simon and his company, Blown Deadline Productions, and the grassroots organization Tech Solidarity.

BJC Issues Statement Condemning Refugee Ban — On Jan. 28, the Baltimore Jewish Council released a statement condemning President Donald Trump’s executive order blocking the entry of refugees from seven Muslim-majority nations into the United States.

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