Here’s our complete guide to the season, including articles on spirituality, Rosh Hashanah recipes and more holiday features.

Pomegranate and Honey Glazed Chicken

Pomegranate and Honey Glazed Chicken (Liz Rueven)


Rosh Hashanah and High Holidays Recipes

Recipes of Love Among the Generations

Recipes: Feast Fit for a Festival

Recipe: Vegetarian Brisket

Rosh Hashanah Recipes: Easy-to-Prepare Holiday Menu Rich with Flavor and Color

Rosh Hashanah Recipe: Pomegranate and Honey Glazed Chicken

Rosh Hashanah Recipe: Apple and Honey Pie Pops

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Rosh Hashanah greeting card

Rosh Hashanah greeting card by Williamsburg Art Company, N.Y., circa 1910 (Courtesy Flickr)

Culture & Traditions

5 New Things to Do at the New Year

Why Jews Dip Apples in Honey on Rosh Hashanah and Why Vegans Say the Custom is a Problem

Rosh Hashanah Needs a Little Preparation. We Have a Digital Solution.

When a Major Jewish Holiday Clashes With a Major Family Wedding

Lincoln’s Grief, Scrooge’s Journey and More Reads for Yom Kippur

Hug a Chicken and 4 Other Twists on Traditional High Holidays Rituals

In This Belgian City, a Heatwave Puts Cherished Rosh Hashanah Tradition on Ice

5 Tips for Making the Snazziest Rosh Hashanah Cards

This Factory Makes Thousands of Shofars Each Year

Here are Some Special Gifts for Your Rosh Hashanah Hosts

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Yom Kippur

Who’s Sorry Now: The Top 10 Apologies of the Jewish Year

Must-Know High Holidays Words and Phrases


Tallit and tefillin

Tallit and tefillin (Photo by orenhayon, Flickr)


Dear Rabbis: Take a Stand in Your High Holiday Sermons

The Necessity of Preparation

Spending Yom Kippur in a Beer Garden

Finding Your Inner Voice

These Christians Celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur


The signs of Sukkot: a lulav, etrog and an etrog box. (Wikimedia Commons)


Despite a Persistent Drizzle, Sukkah City Goes On

Sandaraa Celebrates Sukkot with Sacred Music Series

How to Celebrate Sukkot Without a Sukkah

How a Chinese Fruit Became a Sukkot Symbol

Why Sukkot is Actually the Best Holiday for Kids

Why These Dutch Christians are Celebrating Sukkot

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