This Election Day, Marylanders will be voting for Governor, U.S. Senator and eight seats in the House of Representative, along with several other key races. Gear up for the Nov. 6 election and get out and vote with Jmore’s political coverage.

Jealous and Hogan

Ben Jealous (left) and Gov. Larry Hogan (Handout photos)

Maryland Politics

Maryland Election 2018 Results — Here are the results from the Maryland Board of Elections for the major races of interest to the local Jewish community.

Gov. Hogan and His Democratic Rival, Ben Jealous, Discuss Md.-Israel Ties — Jmore recently spoke separately with both gubernatorial candidates about their views regarding Israel.

Ben Jealous Releases Statement on Israel and the BDS Movement — Jmore recently asked Ben Jealous to clarify his views on BDS, and his campaign provided the following statement from the candidate.

Jmore Exclusive: Democratic Lt. Gov. Nominee Susan W. Turnbull — Susan W. Turnbull hopes to be Maryland’s first Jewish lieutenant governor since Melvin A. “Mickey” Steinberg held the office from 1987 to 1995 during the Schaefer administration.

Rep. John Sarbanes: ‘Give Us the Gavel’ — Rep. John Sarbanes (D-Md.) says he has an urgent message: it can happen here. Although calling himself an optimist by nature, Sarbanes sees the potential for a move toward a totalitarian system in the United States.

Catching Up with Candidates for Baltimore County Executive — Jmore recently spoke with John Olszewski and Alfred Redmer separately about their plans for Baltimore County.

Catching Up with Candidates for Howard County Executive — Jmore recently spoke with both Allan Kittleman and Calvin Ball separately about their visions for Howard County.

Q&A with Green Party Candidate Drew Pate — A child and adolescent psychiatrist, Dr. Drew A. Pate is running as a Green Party candidate for state delegate representing the 41st District.

Candidate Jesse Colvin Hopes to Ride ‘Blue Wave’ in 1st District — In the general election, the four-time incumbent Andy Harris will square off against Jesse Colvin, who received more than 38 percent of the Democratic vote in a field of six candidates.

Maryland Primaries: A Look at Political Races Around the State and Community — Jmore identified and spoke with candidates in some of these races to help readers make informed choices when they vote in the primaries (as well as in the general election on Nov. 6).

Jewish politicians

Jewish politicians (Illustration by Lior Zaltzman/Getty Images)

Races Across the Country

Democrats Win the House, and Jewish Lawmakers Step into Key Roles — Returned to the majority after eight years, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives will now wield the awesome power of subpoena.

11 Jewish Women Won Their Midterm Elections — Nov. 6’s midterm elections were hailed as a victory for gender parity, as an unprecedented number of women won bids to serve in Congress.

6 Democratic Candidates Faced Alleged Anti-Semitic Attacks. Here’s How They Fared. — In the final weeks of the midterm election campaign, Republicans in six states targeted their Democratic opponents with attacks many saw as echoing anti-Semitic tropes.

Here are the Election Results in Races That Matter to Jews — Leslie Cockburn, who sharply criticized Israel, will lose. Rashida Tlaib, from Michigan, will become the first Palestinian-American in Congress.

More Than 75 Percent of Jews Voted for Democrats in the Midterms — A poll conducted by GBA Strategies, a Democrat-aligned pollster, and commissioned by the liberal Israel lobby J Street, found that 76 percent of Jewish voters voted for Democrats, while 19 percent voted for Republicans.

12 Jewish (or Jewish-adjacent) races to watch — In a number of cases, Jewish candidates or issues will be central to which party wins and loses when the votes are counted.

Meet the Jewish Military Veterans Running for Congress — Here roughly in the order from most to least likely to win are the Jewish veterans.

Jewish Candidates in the 2018 Congressional Elections: The Senate — Politically and geographically, they are as diverse a bunch as the 900 candidates for Congress (Jews, who make up less than 2 percent of the population, comprise 6 percent of the candidates).

A Guide to the Jewish Republican House Candidates in the 2018 Midterm Elections — These are all of the Republican House candidates, broken down by state and whether they are incumbents or challengers.

A Guide to the Jewish Democratic House Candidates in the 2018 Midterm Elections — These are all of the Democratic House candidates, broken down by state and whether they are incumbents or challengers.

Republicans & Democrats Both Try to Paint Other Side’s Candidates as Worse for the Jews — In their campaigns to get out the Jewish vote, and to elicit donors, the two partisan Jewish groups, the Jewish Democratic Council of America and the Republican Jewish Coalition, are seizing on the other party’s vulnerability and defending their own side.

The Year’s Biggest Day of Primaries Left Jewish Incumbents (Mostly) Safe — The June 6 snapshot for Jewish voters: Jewish incumbents appear safe for the most part, and the fretting about a far-right incursion into Republican precincts is overstated — but not entirely put to rest.

Political Commentary

After the Vote — While heartened by the results of the midterm elections, folks on the left still need to recognize some of the anger and rage expressed by many white males in this country.

Gov. Hogan Makes History By Studying History — The last time Maryland elected a Republican governor to a second term, his name was Theodore McKeldin, a man who would be regarded today as a Democrat in hiding.

Maryland’s Gubernatorial Debate Proved to be No Contest At All — Incumbent Republican Gov. Larry Hogan vs. Democratic challenger Ben Jealous looked like a veteran pro vs. a well-intended rookie.

Can Gov. Larry Hogan Defy History and Win a 2nd Term? — With his easy victory in the Republican primary election, Gov. Larry Hogan has a chance to do what no one has done over the past six decades. He could become the first Republican since Theodore McKeldin to win election to a second term as Maryland’s governor.

After Virginia’s Election Results, Gov. Larry Hogan Faces Tough Balancing Act — Gov. Larry Hogan will prepare himself for re-election with poll numbers showing pretty good marks from voters in both parties. But he’s got a tricky balancing act that became clearer in the aftermath of Virginia’s vote.

What Maryland Politicians are Saying About Sen. John McCain — See what Maryland politicians and other notable personalities have Tweeted about the Arizona Republican since his death.

American Electorate has Changed Dramatically Over Past Half-Century — Consider a new biography, “Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Life,” which tells us even more about the changing public role of women.

Stop Kvetching, Start Voting — Voting is still the most powerful way we can make our voices heard in our society. And the best way to make changes.

A Call to Impeach —  It’s time to end our long national nightmare. It’s time for impeachment.

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See the Maryland State Board of Elections website for a complete list of candidates and more information. Remember, early voting takes place Oct. 25-Nov. 1.