Both the National Women’s March and the unaffiliated Baltimore Women’s March take place on Jan. 19. There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the National Women’s March and allegations of anti-Semitism among the orgaqnizers. Organizer Linda Sarsour responded to the criticism with “The Women’s March exists to fight bigotry and discrimination in all their forms — including homophobia and anti-semitism — and to lift up the voices of women who are too often left out. We believe in a world where women from all backgrounds are equally represented in government, media, politics, and everywhere and invite everyone who shares these values to join us.” They also added three Jewish women to its steering committee — transgender rights activist Abby Stein, Union for Reform Judaism staffer April Baskin and Jewish diversity activist Yavilah McCoy.

However, many marchers are opting, instead, to attend their local events, including the Baltimore-based march. The question remains, though, is it better to protest the march because of the anti-Semitism or attend and fight the hate from within?

Here’s what people are saying about the debate.

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