Lenny Kravitz, that great Afro-Hebraic troubadour of the late 20th century, had it right when he proclaimed to the world, or at least to anyone who would listen, these three crucial words: “Let love rule.”

But the boundaries of love transcend merely that of the romantic or amorous variety. Arguably, there are infinite forms of love — love of country, love of family, love of pets, love of sports, love of technology, etc. The list is endless.

Love is indeed all around us, yet it exceeds how conventional society generally defines that term. In Judaism, we’re taught that the word for love — ahavah — connotes a type of unconditional love for many things, including such sacrosanct concepts as justice, community, education and faith. “Many waters cannot quench love,” extols the Song of Songs (8:7), “neither can the floods drown it.” Powerful stuff.

In the spirit of this widely observed season of love, Jmore asked four local scribes to offer their thoughts and feelings about where their passions lie.

Listen to Lenny. Let love rule.

Jmore covers: February 2019

February 2019: The Love Issue

Books – Beyond Branding, by Emma Snyder

A Love That Feels Natural, by Josh Rosenstein

A Love Transcending Words, by Aliza Friedlander

A Fierce Love, by Melissa Gerr

Looking for Love and Searching for Second Chances, by Aliza Friedlander

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