Over here at Jmore, we’re just brimming with love. We love our jobs, our families, our city, all of it! But, when we decided to write essays about our special passions, we thought we’d take a different approach.

Here are just a few of things in life Jmore staff members love most.

Alan Feiler's collections

It Figures: Among this collection of tchotchkes, or knickknacks, are an army of Mr. Peanuts and Nipper the RCA Dogs. (Provided photo)

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Tchotchke — Editor in Chief Alan Feiler likes collections and memorabilia and doesn’t care who knows it.

A Puzzling Love Affair — Associate Editor Simone Ellin has a nostalgic affinity for brain games and puzzles.

Save Me the Aisle Seat — Digital Manager Amanda Krotki lives for the dark, sticky comfort of a movie theater.

I Won the Sister Lottery — Senior Graphic Designer Molly Blosse loves her sister like nobody else, obviously.

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